What Really Makes A REALTOR® Different Than The Rest Part II

Dated: 08/31/2018

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So, in Part I of this blogisode I talked about the first, biggest thing to look for in a great real estate broker. Personality, as simple as it sounds, is the number one indicator of a smooth, enjoyable real estate transaction. We covered the “soft skills” that are so often overlooked by folks when finding the right agent for their business. But what about the other thing that’s vital to finding the right person to maneuver through the buying and selling process on your behalf while making the experience a pleasurable and memorable one?

Your potential agent clearly needs to have good, strong “hard skills” as well right? I mean, if I could only get paid by my charming personality and handsome good looks I wouldn’t go through all the training that I continue to go through every day, week, and year! But you and I both know that to trust anyone, friend or agent, that person must live up to what they say they can do and what they really can do! It’s the bedrock of trust. So, back to my second statement about the key things to look for… Pay attention to the team of people that your agent surrounds themself with.  Just like you would tell your son or daughter how important it is in choosing who they surround themselves with, I’m telling you that a good agent will always be on a team with people that makes him or her a better person as well as a realtor! I mean a team that stands together in and out of the office, a team that supports you and lifts you up when you need it, a team that will provide you with the personal and professional development we all so much need. So always keep top of mind how important their associations are when choosing a friend or real estate broker.  It says so much about the person.

The last but not least important aspect of the team your potential agent associates with is the kind of support that team provides. I chose to become a part of the Norwest Realty team for the same reasons I espouse to you. It’s a great team of folks who support me personally and professionally and I would consider everyone of them a friend. But above the “soft skills” my team provides, they also provide a strong love and use of technology that I think has been missing from our industry for some time. We are entrepreneurial and ambitious, and the team is excited about finding new ways to use the latest technology to be the best friends we can be to our clients. We embrace the unique nature of marketing, and as a team we are always looking outside of the norm for bigger and better ideas to serve our clients. It is a common core value we hold individually AND as a team. We all agree that we are in the “people” business and we all have made life-long friends with our past clients throughout our real estate careers. I believe that says a lot about my team.

So as simple as it sounds, when choosing your next realtor, please remember that the person and their team is most important in determining the outcome of your transaction. With all of the options out there available to you right now, I hope that you will take the time to get to know your potential agent, ask a lot of questions, and choose more from your heart and less from the closest, or most conveniently available to you (dad, mom, sister-in-law, husbands friend, etc…). So… from my mouth to your ears, please choose your next real estate broker carefully, as if choosing a new friend. If they’re a great agent and the right fit for you, they likely will be someday soon!

Michael Neely Brown

Real Estate Broker at Norwest Realty LLC


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